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Cutting your cigar right is a key skill you have to master when you come into the cigar world, especially if you are planning to spend a little extra on premium cigars.

The purpose of cutting a cigar is to make an opening without damaging its construction of it, through which smoke can be drawn. A good cut equals an even burn and extracting the best flavour of a cigar.

Cigar Cuts
Cigar Openings From The Three Cut Types

Nowadays, three main cutting methods are popular: a straight cut, a v cut and a punch cut. Each one of them has an application and comes with different benefits.

Straight Cut
Classic Guillotine Cutter
Classic Guillotine Cutter

The straight cut is the most popular one amongst cigar smokers. In order to achieve a good straight cut, you would have to use either a single or a double Guillotine Cutter. The latter is preferable to use because it makes a sharper cut and it does not damage or smash the cigar. If you found yourself with a single guillotine cutter you can still get the job done, but you have to be extra careful when dealing with thicker cigars.

V Cut
V Cutter
V Cutter

The next type of cut is called a V cut as it creates a v-shaped opening on the cigar. With this type of cut, it is harder to ruin or damage the cap of your cigar but you have to pay more attention when you are doing it. First, you have to put the cap of the cigar in the cutter opening. Then firmly push down with two fingers. Finally, make squeeze both ends of the cutter but make sure you go through the cigar in one go. If you stop midway then you have a higher chance of getting a bad cut.

This type of cut makes a smaller opening therefore, less smoke will come out when you draw the cigar. Depending on the cigar and your taste this may or may not be ideal for you. I would recommend trying it out and deciding for yourself.

Punch Cut

This cut makes the smallest opening of the others. This means, less smoke will come out and fewer tobacco bits can get into your mouth. I find it easiest to use as it is hard to get it wrong. You simply place it in the middle of the cigar and press and rotate it at the same time. When you get it out you can tap the cigar to make sure no tobacco bits are left inside the hole and clean the cutter by either tapping it or using the stick that comes with it.

Punch Cutter
Punch Cutter
In conclusion

It is important to experiment with all of the cut types and see which one would suit best your smoking situation. For example, if I know I will have to smoke outside I would prefer a straight cut as the smoking time would be shorter. On the other hand, if I will be smoking on a nice cigar terrace or a lounge with a comfortable atmosphere I would go for a smaller opening such as a V cut or a Punch cut, so I can enjoy the cigar for longer.

A good starting point will be to buy 3 cigars that are the same and inexpensive, for sure. This way you can try out each cut so you know how it affects the flavour. This approach will give you the most realistic results.

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